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2 years ago

ecu and American actress learning a brand new photograph of brief hair clean personality


lengthy hair fluttering beauty has always been synonymous with one, but european and American actress who appears to start to change the mind-set of long-haired, have wielding scissors, sweeping a hair reduce, he grew a one-of-a-kind style of short hair, before and after very sturdy.

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Coco Rocha from the sunny Vancouver there may be a depression face, mainly hair style, human beings seem greater not the spirit, after neat short hair reduce, make a number of eyes are sharp appearance.


Anne - Hathaway from the film "The Princess Diaries," the debut has been an extended-haired beautiful princess Disney photo, however, there's always the little princess grow up someday, and now, after Princess Anne starred in a sequence of blockbuster films, decisively cut the lengthy hair, revitalized another layer.

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Rihanna type of enthusiasm from the home island seems, all the time, either lengthy hair or make-up, Rihanna can be doing my precise, too, cut short hair Rihanna style stays the identical, she obediently terrible girl notable evaluation.

2 years ago

excessive round pear head

immediately hair pear head Liu Shi gives a very sparkling feeling, with a casual turn and jazz hat, deduce enjoyment fashion.brazilian hair weave wholesale is in china.


Tong Li Ya pear head

Pear head massive wave romantic elegant, fluffy hair make Xinjiang girl Tong Liya facial functions appear extra 3-dimensional.


Carved pear head instantly hair natural refined high-spherical performance changed into dripping every minute, pure and elegant temperament addition of components succesful. This coiffure is suitable for a circle of relatives of white-collar OL coiffure.


Zhang Xin Yi pear head

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Zhang Xin Yi fact that a few child fat face, but her chin turned into very excellent, clever, she's very aware of their strengths and weaknesses, frequently pick a diffusion of styles of pear hair kind, this fluffy hair flower head repair Yen is excellent style experience.

2 years ago

learning famous person mushroom head pear head hair by way of age

Pear head due to the fact restore Yen apparent effect has been also loved by many girls, mushroom because of its youngsters is a very lovely assets hair by way of age, in the long run which is higher effect via age on it? test it out!Black women need brazilian remy hair.


solar Li mushroom head

The beyond  years has maintained brief hair fluffy Liu Qi solar Li this mushroom fits her fluffy hair look extra compact face, had been extra playful feel of power.


Wallace mushroom head

Wallace this unfashionable mushroom head wig greater very stylish, huge buckle hair tail with Liu Qi Xiu Yan effect could be very obvious.

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Massu mushroom head

The mushroom head spherical Massu feel is superb, brief agreement within the wrapped button cheek, full of the first type are formed, both clean and lovable.